Friday, 14 August 2015

Book Review: Ivy's Envy (Want & Decay Trilogy, #1) by Latashia Figueroa


Synopsis: Latashia Figueroa’s riveting Want & Decay Trilogy follows the entangled lives of three people tormented by lust, jealousy, madness and murder. In this first book, Ivy’s Envy, Ivy James has had a history of violence with the men she falls for. Her grandmother and parents know what Ivy is capable of when things don’t go her way. 

Now Ivy has become obsessed with Thomas Miles, a man who works at her office. She is certain that Thomas loves her too. But there are people who stand in the way of Ivy and Thomas finally being together, like his wife, Deana. Determined to have the love that is their destiny, Ivy will go down a very dark and twisted road to make Thomas hers, and hers alone. But Ivy is not the only one who has dark secrets, and everyone involved will soon learn that pursuing love and passion to the extreme can lead to terrifying consequences. 

Review: Wow! Talk about a book that could not be put down! Ivy's Envy starts with a bang, continues to hold one's attention throughout, and ends with the kind of ending that would have any reader drooling with delight.

I tend to err on the positive side with my reviews, but I really cannot find anything to fault with this story. It's a short read, well told, with superb characterisation. It's also told from first person perspective, so everything you read puts you in Ivy's head, and that is a dangerous place to be.

Ivy seems to be beyond redemption. She's bad, wicked and so evil it is likely fresh roses would wilt when she would walk by them.

Her obsessive nature - to get what she wants, usually, a man she wants, means that she succeeds for a while, as all psychopaths do. They start to believe their own hype.

The story works because whilst it moves fast, it is brilliantly paced. I would not hesitate to read the later books in the series. This story hits you over the head with one revelation after another. It's all believable. It totally works, and yes, it could happen in the real world.

The ending was quite something, and closes this part one very nicely indeed. 

I don't think I've read a book this short (1-2 hours maximum read time) that left me reeling. It has made an incredible impact. It's a horror of the highest order - for the most part it reads like a mystery, with elements of romance. But the horror parts are clever, subtle, and utterly brilliant.

You will love it.